How the plan came to be.....

The story so far

Through my work as a specialist Fertility Counsellor two things have occurred to me on more than one occasion. Culminating in my training some years ago to be a Holistic Fertility Therapist, and setting up,  along with a team of therapists Fertility Fit . 

Firstly if you are trying for a baby and not having success everything you can do to enhance your chances should be done prior to embarking on any medical routes. The aim being to achieve a pregnancy naturally. Secondly if this does not occur and you do end up going down the conventional treatment route you will be in the best place physically and emotional that you possibly can be.  You will also have practical and concrete support in place.

We will developed strategies together to help you cope with treatment, trust me this can make a world of difference. You will also be fertility fit - surely this must be a real basic requirement, think about it as running a marathon, you would not dream of doing this without preparing your body and developing a plan, lets face it, you probably wouldn't even plan a holiday without having given it a great deal of thought!  Fertility issues should be given at least the same level consideration.

Fertility treatment I am sure is far more important to you than a new car, a holiday, or a birthday treat (and lets face it, for some probably much more expensive) yet time and time again I see people stumble into it with no support, no planning and no deliberation. Just because you are going down a medical route doesn't mean you have to relinquish all control.