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Vicky was brilliant my husband and I really struggled - I wanted to talk about it a lot but he didn't that's where Vicky came in. I spoke to her on a regular basis and it took the pressure off us as a couple.  Our son was born last year. A specialist counsellor made such a difference.

Chloe & George

I had had lots of fertility treatment by the time I met Vicky. I was at the point of not knowing  what to do next.  Vicky is right you really do need a professional to take an over view.  The relief I felt on handing over this responsiblity was immense. 

Wendy & Jim

"I always knew having a baby would be hard - I have PCOS, The therapist helped me control it with the fertility fit plan"

Jane & Lizzy

"We thought it would be easy - it wasn't. The plan helped us to reduce stress & she really did get us fertility fit!"  We now have a beautiful baby girl.