How it works.....

The Plan

The plan works in easy clear stages, carried out by Skype or telephone so very convenient.  During your first session with a therapist we will look at 3 or 4 areas diet, lifestyle, stress and preparation for treatment (if applicable),  there after it is up to you, you may want additional support sessions with a therapist to check in with you to discuss practical issues such as diet or stress levels or you may want a support session with a specialist fertility counsellor, the choice is yours. Of course you may alternatively feel fully armed and abel to cope alone............

The stages

1.  We look at your diet, specifically in relation to fertility.  We will start from scratch - and we will review everything.  Culminating in the therapist giving you (and hopefully your partner) a detailed diet programme, it will be easy and achievable. 

2.  We will look at any life style issues that maybe affecting your fertility - you will then be given a written review of these.

3.  We will look at stress relief, this will be specific to you and you will be given concrete strategies on how to improve this area.

4.  Treatment planning - if need be, we will develop a plan to help you cope with treatment, strategies and systems to survive this very difficult time.  You may decide to have additional sessions through out your cycle either with a therapist or a specialist fertility counsellor, this is up to you.

I believe the key to the plan is to look at all these areas at the same time - I often see clients (and I can include myself in this) who are flitting between all of the above and concentrating on one thing at a time.  

I also know from personal experience you cannot "see" yourself accurately - you need a professional to do if for you and you need to look at yourself as a whole.