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Welcome to Fertility Fit.  You have probably stumbled across it whilst you are trying to become pregnant.  

Having worked in the Fertility Industry since 2005, two things have become apparent. Firstly if you are trying and struggling to have a baby, there are many things that can be done and secondly these should be done as soon as possible, hopefully to achieve a natural pregnancy but also to prepare you should you need to move on to clinical support,.  The process can be far more in your control than you may have imagined. That's where the support of a Holistic Fertility Therapist is key. It gives you back control at a time when you most need it. 

Having experienced infertility issues myself it occurs to me what people in this position crave is concrete practical help.

They don't need people telling them "to just relax" they need help achieving this.

They don't need people saying unhelpful things like "have you tried not drinking caffeine" they need professional advice on what to eat and drink to be best placed to achieve a pregnancy either naturally or with medical help.

They don't need people saying "are you getting enough sleep" they need strategies to achieve this - they need a complete lifestyle overhaul.  

They also need to be prepared for treatment should they need it, in fact this is something the HFEA recognise, their guidelines state "Our aim is to improve the emotional experience for patients and donors and there partners, where applicable, before, during and after treatment or donation.  

They do need real hands on help from a trained professional at an affordable price.

Vicky Parkin

Tel        07887 527955

Email    info@fertility-fit.co.uk


Rachel and Ben

"I had several miscarriages during our 3 IVF cycles, my husband & I did the plan - our next IVF worked.  I am sure the plan made a difference - I felt so much healthier"

Kelly & Rob

"Vicky was amazing, she changed our IVF cycle & made the whole thing so much easier. Thank you Vicky"